Prop Ideas For Your Branding Photoshoot

August 16, 2022

Now that you’ve booked your photoshoot, it’s time to pick out the perfect outfit, shoes, and yes… props!

Now that you’ve booked your photoshoot, it’s time to pick out the perfect outfit, shoes, and yes… props. We spend so much time shopping for outfits or thinking about what we should do for our hair, that props are often forgotten about.

Do I really need props for my branding shoot?

Yes, you do! Props allow you to not only showcase your line of work but they allow you to interact with the camera more. Believe it or not, your photos will look more natural because you will look like you are in your element by eliminating those nerves. That’s right, you won’t have to worry about what to do with your hands if they are holding a prop.

What type of props should I use?

Having the right props is a must when branding your business. Some props are obvious, like the products you sell. Others may not be so obvious but asking yourself a few questions will help determine what you should bring with you to your shoot.

  1. What do I use every day for business?
    • Laptop
    • Phone
    • Planner
    • Signs
    • Weights
    • Yoga Matt
  2. What has helped me get to this point in my business?
    • Books
    • Morning Rituals
    • Journaling
  3. What is your lifestyle like?
    • Behind the Scenes Working
    • What do you do for fun?
    • What do you like to drink?
    • Workouts
  4. How do I want people to feel or what do they get by working with me?
    • Successful
    • Confidence
    • Motivation

By asking yourself these questions you will be able to get ideas for props that we should incorporate into your branding photoshoot. Remember these photos help paint a picture of what it will be like working with you. They will connect with you by simply looking at these photos. Of course, we can have fun with these props but they should always relate to you and your business.

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