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Hey, I’m Yasha

After years of having my branding photos taken for my real estate business, I realized I had a secret love for photography.

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I always had so much fun getting dressed to impress, posing like a pro, and most of all – receiving gorgeous professional photos to use on my social media, website, emails, ads, and marketing. I know how important branding photos are for your business because I’ve used them in my own business. And now I get to use the art of storytelling to deliver photos that help you stand out and reach your business goals!

Now that I am on the other side of the camera, I love learning about your brand and telling your story with gorgeous, intentional photos. I love helping other entrepreneurs with the entire process – from planning to posing and putting your photos to work once you receive your gallery. They say photos are worth a thousand words, but when it comes to branding, photos are everything!

I help ambitious 
entrepreneurs reach 
their next level

My business story

We’re here to tell your business story – with intentional, on-brand images.

Wells & Co. was created to help ambitious entrepreneurs grow their businesses and elevate their brands. 

I saw how important it was to have a strong personal brand identity as I grew my six-figure-plus real estate business – and I wanted to help other entrepreneurs do the same. 

You need something that makes you stand out above the rest, and that’s what Wells & Co. is all about. We don’t believe in blending in with the crowd or hiding your personality. 

You’ve got something no one else has, and the world needs to see that! At Wells & Co., we’re professional, polished, poised… and ready to tell your brand story! 

Fun Facts:

I believe in:

Playing full out – always. Shooting for the stars and dreaming BIG!

I’m not about: 

Doing things halfway. Go big or go home.

You can find me:

On my Peloton bike or roller skating on the weekends. Skating is my jam. 

Daily Rituals:

Wake up at 4:30 am, drink water, brush teeth, Peloton, dress for success, drop off kids at school, ready to dominate work by 8:30 am

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