August 9, 2022

Meet Madysen Glynn, founder of Million Dollar Dropshipping.

Madysen is the founder of Million Dollar Dropshipping. In her upcoming course, she gives you the step-by-step guide to building a wildly profitable brand from your computer. Million Dollar Dropshipping is a course that will teach people how to create & manage a highly profitable dropshipping store. Not sure what dropshipping is? Follow her on Instagram or Tiktok where she spills all the tea on her course and how you can also get started with your very own dropshipping business.

Madysen Glynn Branding Experience with Yasha Wells and Wells and Co Photography Jacksonville Florida Photographer

Madysen started her business at 20 years old with no college degree and no special skills or training in dropshipping or digital advertising. She shared with us, “I’m really proud of the success I’ve had and I’m so passionate about helping other people do the same, ESPECIALLY in order to escape a stressful 9-5. I want other people to know that if I did it, they can do it too.”

Madysen came to Wells & Co Photography to capture the essence of her brand so she can create marketing materials that attract and connect with her as a person, share her journey, and inspire her audience. She also wanted some fun celebratory photos with champagne and confetti in order to capture the excitement of the course launch.

“I want my “tribe” to believe in themselves and know that they CAN make good money while also creating a life they love that isn’t centered around working 40+hours/week. Also, there are so many men in the dropshipping & paid digital marketing space and I want more women to be in the space. I want more women to make a lot of money and create wildly successful brands ~ I want to show them that they can get there and that they SHOULD get there.”

To learn more about Madysen and to see her branding photos in action, make sure you follow her on Social Media!

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